Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), is a qualification highly valued by top universities. We offer the EPQ as an additional qualification.

If you choose to study the EPQ it requires you to carry out research on a topic that you have chosen and is not covered by your other qualifications. It may be inspired by your studies, your future plans or a completely different area of interest. You use your research to produce either a 5000 word written report or, in the case of practical projects, an artefact or a production (with a shorter accompanying report of 1000 words). You will complete a production log which details your planning and decision making and you will also be required to give a short presentation to a non-specialist audience.

The EPQ provides an opportunity for you to really extend your research and independent learning skills beyond your A-level study to learn about a subject of your choice, about which you are passionate; and to prepare for university or even to link to your future career.

The EPQ is assessed to A Level standard and this means students completing an EPQ can earn slightly more UCAS points form this qualification to support your UCAS application and personal statement. You can highlight your interest in studying the EPQ once you have enrolled in Year 12.

Please see below for a few examples of topics previously completed:

Examples of projects:

  • Do computer games encourage violent behaviour in teenagers? 
  • Nature versus Nurture - What causes a person to murder? 
  • Who was the most effective tudor Monarch? 
  • How was the London Olympic stadium an example of sustainable construction? 
  • Is Brexit responsible for a rise in racially aggravated crimes in the UK?
  • Vivian Westwood: Artist or Rebel?
  • To what extent is Brazil guilty of causing climate change?
  • The Me Too Campaign - Will this make Hollywood a leader in the race for equality? 

Practical projects may involve:

  • Producing a physical object such as a book or short film
  • Presenting to an audience e.g. a fashion show, a play or musical performance